Thursday, May 26, 2016


This morning I examined Cooper a ninety pounds doggy, with blue eyes, and such a tender and loving personality.

Cooper had strong back pain—as he loves to play and wrestle with his canine brothers at home.

Cooper is not aware of his size and power, and he is afraid of so many things in life; that’s why I call him the Gentle Giant. 

Cooper doesn’t like the exam table—although we have a nicely padded table that is also a scale and is at ground level and can be raised. Yet Cooper morally objects to stepping on it.

So I examined Cooper on the floor, sat near him with my veterinary assistant, of course with his owner—mother—present.

Cooper doesn’t like his paws touched. He thinks that when his paws are touched it means a nail trim. He doesn’t like nail trimming as he thinks that pedicure and manicure are way overrated.

Never the less, with gentle voice, gentle persuasion and the assistance of tasty but healthy treats, I was able to collect a blood sample and Cooper didn’t feel a thing: he was too busy savoring the treats.

Blood work was normal, so I started Cooper on medication for his pain and inflammation.

I advised Cooper that he must take it easy for the coming weeks, so he doesn’t aggravate his back pain. Cooper barked and nodded and said he will give it serious consideration.

His mom told me that she will make sure that he takes it easy.

This is the story of Cooper, the blue eyed Gentle Giant.

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