Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As Veterinary Medicine advances the genetic knowledge of our canine friends is of utmost importance.

At Gentle Vet Animal Hospital we are happy to offer Canine Breed Analysis and Genetic Screening test.

The test goes back three generations as to the breed of the dog. In addition, it screens for hundred and thirty genetic markers for possible diseases. This screening will enable early diagnosis of possible serious diseases.

Carrying the genes for certain diseases doesn't necessarily mean that the disease is inevitable. At times the occurrence of the disease can be delayed or prevented with appropriate measures.

Our genome interacts constantly with the environment--internal and external--and adjusting the internal or external environment can be beneficial.

Knowledge is power, knowledge is prevention, and knowledge should be used in pursuing a better and longer life for all of us.

Dr. Ehud Sela

The Gentle Vet

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital


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