Sunday, October 4, 2015


A highly personalized health assessment and health management program with prompt and increased access to Dr. Ehud Sela. The program will emphasize preventive medicine and early diagnostic tests as a way to maximize quality of life and length of life. The pet owners have peace of mind knowing that they receive comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical care tailored to their pet’s individual needs.
Dr. Ehud Sela offers various levels of concierge service to tailor your pets healthcare needs.
Plans can be either at home or in office or a combination of home and office.

Concierge Plan Adult Pets:

Adult yearly vaccination
One comprehensive fecal test
One comprehensive Urine Test
One Heart Worm Test
One blood work test: chemistry/cbc/diff
 Free Exam with vaccination
 Dedicated appointment line with first priority
 Ten percent discount on all veterinary services

Price: in office $ 570.00*. Plan duration: 12 months.
Price: in home $ 650.00*. Plan Duration: 12 months
      *Value of tests alone is $520.00

Concierge Plan Puppy/Kitten

Puppy/kitten vaccine series
Two comprehensive fecal tests
Two comprehensive Urine Tests
One Heart Worm Test
Two Dewormings
One blood work test: chemistry/cbc/diff.
Free Exam with vaccination
Convenient personalized appointment scheduling
Ten percent discount on all veterinary services 

Price: in office: $ 790.00*. Plan duration 12 months
Price: at home: $ 950.00*. Plan duration 12 months

*Value of tests alone is $ 690.00

Additional concierge plans available at home or office to tailor your personal preferences.
These plans include additional diagnostic tests, free exam/consultations at office, at home, via email, via text and video conferencing such as Skype.

For Further details call: 954-972-5900

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