Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Abandoning your pet is an act of Betrayal.

Pets are like children, totally dependent on us and their Abandonment is an act of Cruelty.

Yes, at times, life’s events forces us to make hard decisions, but in today’s world, with social media and Internet one can plan ahead.

Inform everybody that with great pain—and one hopes sincere—you have to find a home for your pet. Talk to people online and not online: in the supermarket, in your building, in your neighborhood, and let them know the pain of the harsh decision you have to make.

Post your pet’s photos anywhere you can.

Invite people that you trust to meet your pet in advance.

There are organizations out there that will help and put you in touch with people that perhaps just lost a pet. Or elderly people that will love the companionship and love exchanged with a pet.

A couple weeks ago, in the early morning hours when we just opened, a woman Abandoned her beautiful cat in a dusty and dirty carrier. When my head nurse went out to see what was going on she swerved around her with her car—car that she removed the license plate; showing premeditation.

This is Betrayal and Abandonment and there is no other way to name it. The thought that you left your pet in animal hospital, therefore it's OK to Abandon, is nothing but a selfish pathetic fig leaf.

The poor cat was terrified, upset and justifiably angry; she showed aggression—but it’s understandable given what has just happened to her.

Many places will call animal control and that will be the end of that, and sadly also the end of the road for the pet.

I was able to get her in our feline condos and we worked on gaining her trust over a two weeks period.

One of my wonderful clients adopted her and a happy ending is the outcome here.

But, sadly, happy endings are not always the outcome.

I cherish life and always strive for happy endings, yet the final word has to be: Abandoning your pet is like Abandoning your child: it’s an act of Cruelty and Betrayal.

Dr. Ehud Sela

The Gentle Vet

Margate, Florida


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