Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Dr. Ehud Sela: Cryosurgery on a large skin mass in a dog.

Cryosurgery, tumor freezing, was performed on a large cutaneous mass on a six years old male dog.

The location, near the knee, and size of the mass might have caused incision healing problems if approached by routine surgical excision, therefore cryosurgery was chosen for this patient.

The procedure was done as an outpatient in our facility with the owner present.

The mass was injected with local anesthetic before the freezing. Using a cryo-spray attached
to a cryo-chamber the mass was frozen two times using a quick freeze an a slow thaw approach.

The patient experienced no discomfort at all. The prognosis for the patient is considered good, and the mass should regress within the coming weeks.

Please call our office if you have any question regarding cryosurgery or any other procedure for your pet.

Gentle vet Animal Hospital: 954-972-5900.

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