Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Dr. Ehud Sela: Pet Adoption

At Gentle Vet Animal Hospital we strongly believe in the need to find a home for all homeless pets.
Millions of pets are left behind in shelters every year.
These pets are in desperate need of a loving and comforting home.
Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, will examine free of charge, any pet, of any age, that is adopted from any adoption organization, the Broward County humane society, the SPCA, any pet shelters, the Broward County animal control or purchased from a Pet Store.
The free exam will be a comprehensive exam, which will permit you to also ask any questions you may have regarding your new friend.
The exam will also include a free fecal parasite test.
The exam will be done by a Veterinarian, and not by an assistant.
Even if your pet has been already examined in another facility, we will provide this service to you.
In order to receive this one free physical exam, and one fecal exam, you will need to bring your adopted pet within one month of his adoption - also please bring with you his adoption papers, or pet store purchase papers.

Gentle Vet Animal hospital

Margate, Florida.

Phone: 954-972-5900

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